Another holiday season is almost here and Christmas lists are being scribbled down, so where are you buying all of your goodies this holiday season? This holiday season as you begin to search, purchase and wrap all of the special gifts for the one's you love to go under the tree, think about giving a little extra this holiday season and give this gift of supporting local to small business owners all over your community. 

Now more than ever, we see so many shoppers purchase from big companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target (along with others.) We hear shoppers talk about the fast shipping times and delivery to your door... but what if you could walk/drive down the street and find unique gifts right in your hometown? Talk about convenience! Of course we think it is important to shop small throughout the entire year, but a good time to start and keep it on the top of your mind is during the season of giving. 

SHOP SMALL BECAUSE: You are supporting your community. 

When you support a local business, you are also bringing support into your town. Business owners in town are just regular people like you and me (who knows, they could even be your neighbor.) They go to work everyday just like the next guy and rely on community support to make a living. These are the people that you smile at while at the grocery store, go to local sporting events with and sometimes wave to when you're getting the mail. When supporting local businesses and shopping small, you are contributing to your community and those who live in it. When you contribute to your community, they in turn improve the community right back by offering products and services that benefit the entire community. 

SHOP SMALL BECAUSE: It promotes future growth.

When shopping local and purchasing products from small shops, business owners are able to grow and flourish in the community. Who knows... your purchase could lead to more products being available in their store, more locations of a store opening in town, and could even encourage other community members to jump on their dreams and open a store of their own someday! 

SHOP SMALL BECAUSE: It draws in surrounding communities + tourists. 

Not only does shopping small benefit consumers right in town, but in our spread out state, it can draw in more shoppers as well! When people come from out of town, usually stopping at one store is just a start! Bringing others to town encourage them not just to make the trip for one shop, but maybe they will make a day out of it and stop at several places along the way! We always say, community over competition -- we are here to make our town a tourist destination where there is support all over the town! 

SHOP SMALL BECAUSE: You receive personalized customer service. 

Shopping at those big box stores is very tempting, but can they promise you first hand customer service from friends you know? Ever walk into a store and they know you by your first name? Maybe they know a friend, sister or mom that you are shopping for? Choose to shop somewhere where they truly care about what you're buying and who you're buying for -- rather than just a nameless customer with a bank account. 

SHOP SMALL BECAUSE: Local shops add character to the town and your gifts. 

A town with character is a town worth visiting. A small business, boutique, floral shop and so on adds so much character to a town. Local shops give great visual appearances to the town that would not be able to be offered without overflowing support. This holiday give a gift with tons of character from a business with tons of character. Those one of a kind gifts are so meaning fun and having items that not everyone can buy off the internet are those worth keeping and talking about for years to come. Having that special gift waiting for you under the tree makes us excited for you this holiday season! 


The list goes on and on and we could continually talk about why supporting small is worth your while this holiday season. As the future continues to move forward, we see online consumers showcasing halls from their favorite Amazon products and more...but this season, we encourage you to showcase your favorites from the shops is your very own community. Show that support this holiday season and encourage others that the season of giving comes in more forms than just gifts. 


Thank you for all of your support this holiday season! It means so much to us! 

-Kailey & Laura 


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