About Us

Hey there! Thanks so much for visiting Hers & Mine Boutique. We are a women's boutique located in Southwest Minnesota that strives to make ALL women look and feel their best. 

Hers & Mine launched in November 2019, and carries a wide selection of clothing brands and accessories for women of all ages. Trendy, stylish, statement making, glamorous, comfortable...these are all words that we use to describe our store. Here at Hers & Mine we offer selections that are perfect for the work place, school, date-night, weddings, or just having a cozy day at home. 

As Hers & Mine Boutique is opening the first chapter of our boutique book, our story has already been in the making for some time now.

We as owners, (Kailey Wendland & Laura Koespell), take our story way back. We met when we around five years old, and have been besties ever since! Building a boutique together just sounded right to us because who wouldn't love working with their best friend and sharing our passion for fashion with the world. 

We both share an interest for fashion and clothing, and bring many different talents to the table. We have very different styles, but they are both incorporated into the boutique in their own way. This was key in building Hers & Mine because we offer not just one style of clothing, but something from the both of us. So everyone will be sure to find just the right outfit to add to their collection. 

"Outfits and clothing selections from both HERS and MINE."

We hope that you find something that you absolutely love from our fashion collection! Thank you for supporting us, and we hope that you continue to come back again and again for more from Hers & Mine. But no matter what, don't EVER forget how very beautiful you are! 

- Kailey Wendland. & Laura Koepsell