We could not be more excited about this new arrival because this is what we are ALL ABOUT! We want to be known as a business that always puts our girlies first! We live in a time where it is SO important to stick up for our girls and make sure that we can show support in everything that they do! 


Love, kindness, support… these are three words that have SO MUCH meaning. Love one another, spread kindness around like confetti, and GIRLS SUPPORT GIRLS. 

Girls support girls. Such a short phrase with a BIG meaning. We live in a world that compares and competes with one another in everything we do. I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing that proves tearing her down will help you rise. Supporting one another can make a huge impact. Being happy for the girl that got the starring role in the school musical, congratulating the girl who got the promotion over you, SUPPORTING the girl going through a tough time. Doing these little things, can change so much.

I follow a gal named Hannah Neese on Instagram, (if you are not following her, you should. @hannah_neese is her handle) she is the literal queen of supporting other women and talking about body image. Her posts are so uplifting and positive, and I think every girl needs to hear it. She made a post about ladies supporting ladies and I’m going to list what this post said:


  • IF ALL WOMEN could see the beauty in each other, how different things would be.
  • IF ALL WOMEN could value each other’s strengths, how different things would be.
  • IF ALL WOMEN spent their hours working together towards their goals instead of worrying about who had a better body, how different things would be.

All women would see their differences as something to be celebrated. The stars are mesmerizing, but so are diamond rings. And they are nothing alike.” 

When I read this, I smiled because this post is SO TRUE! The greatest thing that we can do is to let people know that they are loved.

Hannah lets you know that there is more to beauty than just your appearance on the outside. So what if you have wrinkles, so what if you have stomach rolls, and who gives a hoot if you’re red, yellow, purple, or pink! You can thank Big and Rich for that last one ;)

I think that we all need to be more like Hannah. Support one another like she supports you, even if you’ve never met her!

It is understanding that we are all human. Being human, we seem to find ourselves making mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that those mistakes can’t be limited. I challenge you all to compliment just one girl tomorrow. Trust me you won’t regret seeing her smile because you made her day.

You’re all beautiful. Inside and out.


- Kailey & Laura



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