Why the name Hers & Mine? How did we come up with the name? Did we have any other ideas? A question that comes to us very frequently that we LOVE to answer! This blog post is here for you to learn more about the name of our boutique and how we got started. Enjoy! 


When we knew that we wanted to open a boutique together, we knew that the first order of business was choosing a name. Many names were being tossed around for a few days but we wanted a name that would describe the feel of our boutique and would be easy to remember and pronounce. 

After a few days of throwing out several names for our store, we decided we wanted the name to tell who we are. Through brainstorming, we tried to think of similar characteristics that we both have. We are both from Minnesota, we both love clothes. we both grew up together and so on, but nothing was sticking with us. I then started to think about our differences. The thought came to us, even though we do have so many similarities, what makes us different, unique, and special because that is what we wanted for our store. Different, unique, and special. That is when Hers & Mine came to us. We wanted our store to showcase both of our styles and turn into something in which we take so much pride. Our name not only describes who we are but we can both say it and it goes both ways. This boutique that we take such pride in is both Hers & Mine. 


Hers & Mine Boutique isn't just another boutique full of one style of clothes and represents one age group of women. Hers & Mine is here as a place for ALL women to shop and find styles that work best for them. Both of our styles are completely different and originally we knew that it might be a challenge when choosing clothing items for our boutique, but it actually turned out to be our gem. When purchasing clothes for the boutique, we both take time into picking products that we would personally like for ourselves and items that we can see others wearing. 

When shopping at Hers & Mine Boutique, you can find items that are solids, boho, and always extremely comfortable items courtesy of Laura and sparkly, girly, and statement pieces courtesy of Kailey. Our boutique is and will be constantly changing so there is always something new for you to find when shopping. 

Once again, we can't thank you enough for shopping with Hers & Mine Boutique! Our customers are always our top priority and we are always here to help you find something cute to add to your closet! 

- Kailey and Laura 





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